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Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses manual muscle testing to address the chemical, structural, and emotional imbalances of the body. This information collected by using AK can allow the doctor to provide the right treatment and diagnosis. The body has an amazing ability to heal in and out. AK treatments can help aid in the healing process. Treatments may involve specific joint manipulation or mobilization, various myofascial therapies, cranial techniques, meridian and acupuncture skills, clinical nutrition, dietary management, counseling skills, evaluating environmental irritants and various reflex procedures.


As no two patients are the same, chiropractic care is individualized to the patient.

A chiropractic assessment helps determine what will bring the most therapeutic value to the patient.

Chiropractic care can include: non-force, light touch, and traditional high velocity techniques.These techniques are completed by hand or instrument assisted equipment, which means the patient receives a customized treatment focused on their specific needs. Chiropractic adjustments are performed on each patient to aid in relieving symptoms and for preventative care.

The body’s own innate intelligence works with the chiropractic treatment for one’s body to heal itself.The chiropractic principle and theory states that proper structural alignment of your body allows the nervous system to function accurately. The nervous system functions as the master communicator throughout the entire body and most importantly for the brain-body-connection.


Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is an incredible mind body technique that helps individuals heal at the physiological level. Our thoughts and experiences play a role in our physiology. Which ultimately may leave one feeling physical pain, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, rage etc. This mind body technique is safe and effective for all.


Whether one sprained their ankle in a basketball game yesterday. Or, an individual had a knee replacement 5 years ago. The body recognizes trauma. The body compensates as a result of the trauma. A.M.I.T is a Chiropractic/Kinesiology technique that stems from the principle that an area of injury can result in an compensation in overall function. A.M.I.T. utilizes principles of Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Acupuncture to not only excel ones rate at which they heal. But, change their life for the better.


FSM is like a gentle nudge to your body's natural healing system. It uses tiny electrical currents, similar to what your nerves already use, to target sore spots. This nudge can help reduce pain, inflammation, and even speed up healing from injuries.


Quantum Neurology (QN) is an advanced neurologic rehabilitation technique. QN technique applies manual muscle testing to strengthen and activate the body’s motor, sensory, visceral, and neurological responses. This can restore the body’s function to allow the body a chance to heal.


Functional Nutrition focuses on the physiological process occurring within each specific patient.
While using energy frequency vials and muscle testing and incorporating Applied Kinesiology knowledge, the doctor is able to find any imbalances among the body. Frequency testing can include: food sensitivities, chemical/toxin exposures, digestive disturbances, hormonal imbalances, mineral and nutrient overload or deficiencies, and immune system disruptors.Functional nutrition and Frequency medicine helps find and remove the stressors on the body allowing your body to heal. This technique looks at removing the toxic overload on the body coming from chemicals, food additives, heavy metals, pesticides, and more. The use of dietary changes and supplement recommendations can assist your body along the natural process of healing and bring your body back into balance.


The Lebowitz Technique incorporates Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing techniques to address dysbiosis (fungus, parasites, bacteria, virus, etc.), food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivity and toxicities.
The Lebowitz protocol uses frequency vials that are muscle tested against each individual’s own energetic field helping to identify specific herbal and nutritional protocols to help restore the body to optimal function.


QNRT allows the body to work through triggers and traumas of an individual's emotional stressors. Ultimately, resulting in the body and brain's ability to change its response and shift into a state of healing.


  • Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)

  • Sacro Occipital Technique

  • Webster's Technique

  • CPK/Bio Systems Integration (BSI)

  • Quintessential Applications

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